Tax Crimes

Jacksonville criminal trial and appellate attorney Calle represents persons investigated for or accused of tax crimes, including tax evasion, filing false tax returns, and fraud against the government. Tax crimes carry stiff criminal and civil penalties. The defense of tax prosecutions requires an experienced counsel that can handle the complex issues looming throughout your tax case. To learn how experience and a commitment to client service can help you confront and overcome serious tax crime charges, contact Callalily Law Office.

The government can also initiate asset forfeiture proceedings if it appears that you profited from alleged tax offenses. If you are facing federal tax crime charges in Florida, attorney Calle’s federal prosecutorial experience with the U.S. Justice Department will provide insight for developing and presenting the strongest possible defense.

As a former chief federal prosecutor, attorney Calle prosecuted complex tax offenses based on government theories including specific items of evasion or an analysis of the taxpayer’s net worth. You can his experience as a prosecutor and now as a defense counsel who vigorously defends his clients. Attorney¬†Calle can work with you to explain the risks and your options. His criminal justice experience can help you achieve an effective resolution in the pretrial stage of your case, before a jury at trial, at sentencing, or even on appeal.

Contact Callalily Law Office for insightful and committed defense against a serious tax crime charge at every stage of the proceedings.