Motor Vehicle Felonies

If you have been arrested for a serious motor vehicle crime such as vehicular homicide, manslaughter, or felony DUI, contact an experienced defense lawyer to advise and represent you.

With more than 25 years of trial experience, attorney Calla knows how to evaluate the evidence against you and find the best way to proceed against felony charges, no matter how serious. DUI-related motor vehicle accidents that result in death or severe injury can lead to charges of aggravated assault, manslaughter, or even homicide. If the accident occurred while you were on habitual traffic offender status under Florida law, the penalties can be especially severe, and you will probably never hold a driver’s license again if you are convicted.

Criminal defense attorney Calla is more than equal to the challenge of investigating and defending even the most serious felony vehicular charges. He works with forensic experts and investigators from a wide range of specialized fields in order to develop the facts that will support your strongest possible defense. In many cases, the jury will be asked to determine your state of mind, especially if the key issue of fact has to do with whether or not the conduct charged was so reckless as to be intentional. The fact that the government has to prove every essential fact against you beyond a reasonable doubt gives the defense the opportunity to find and exploit any weakness in the prosecution’s case.

Not all cases go to the jury. In fact, most are resolved long before trial through concerted negotiations that take the quality of the prosecution’s evidence against you into full account. If the defense shows the government how difficult any essential fact might be to prove, the chance for a favorable plea to a lesser charge improves. If the defense can demonstrate such weaknesses with respect to a number of essential facts, then the most serious charges might be dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed by the judge.

Attorney Calla is committed to achieving the best result possible for all of his criminal defense clients, including those facing motor vehicle felony charges such as vehicular homicide or manslaughter. He also represents persons charged with crimes involving death or serious bodily injury resulting from accidents during police chases, street racing, excess speeding, and reckless driving.

Attorney Calla holds an AV Preeminent Rating* by Martindale-Hubbell, a prominent legal firm directory. The AV Preeminent Rating* is the highest rating for lawyers based on excellence in skills and integrity. For experienced and dependable advice in defense of any vehicular felony charge, contact criminal trial attorney Calla in North Florida.