Mortgage Fraud

Defense Against Florida Mortgage Fraud Charges
More than in any previous time, law enforcement is cracking down on real estate and mortgage fraud. Typical targets have been mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and loan officers, but today real estate investors, buyers and sellers are being investigated and charged as well.

Many of the people charged in Florida real estate and mortgage fraud cases have never been in trouble with the law before. They are unsure what steps to take to protect themselves, or where to turn for help.

Jacksonville white collar crime defense attorney Calla is well positioned to represent clients accused of real estate fraud, mortgage fraud, and other complex white collar crimes. As a former federal prosecutor with years of experience investigating and prosecuting complex financial crimes, Mr. Calla’s wealth of experience and insight into these cases is invaluable.

If you are facing criminal charges, have been subpoenaed by a grand jury, or believe you are under investigation for mortgage fraud or a real estate crime in north Florida, contact the Callalily Law Office.

An Early Defense is the Best Defense: The key to an effective defense in many complex cases is to approach the prosecutor before an indictment or formal charges have been filed. As with other types of fraud cases, investigating the charges and evaluating the evidence early allows the defense attorney to work proactively to reduce or eliminate the most damaging charges. In some cases, the defense attorney may be able to prevent a trial from ever taking place.

Mr. Calla defends clients facing charges for

  • Fraudulent loan documents
  • Fraudulent home valuation
  • Misrepresenting the terms of a loan
  • Falsifying a mortgage application
  • Forgery or fraudulent signatures

If you are facing charges in a complex fraud case, Mr. Calla’s years of experience can make a difference