Money Laundering

Defense Against Criminal Charges of Money Laundering in Florida Drug and Fraud Cases
With financial crimes, the most effective defense often takes place before charges are even filed.

In complex financial crime cases, like money laundering and tax evasion, the government is working to build its case over months and years. During this time of federal investigation — before charges are actually filed by the prosecutor — it’s often possible for a knowledgeable lawyer to intervene to have charges dropped or reduced.

As a former federal and state prosecutor with more than 20 years of criminal justice experience, attorney Calla Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer has first-hand knowledge of how money laundering and other financial crimes are investigated and charged. He understands when early negotiation will yield more favorable results — and when a strong and aggressive defense is required.

Attorney Calla represents individuals, small businesses, corporations, and corporate executives in Florida. His defense practice is wide ranging, but typically involves complex and multi-state white collar crimes, and cases in which money laundering is one aspect of a larger case involving drug crimes , fraud or other financial crimes .

Whether your case is heading for state or federal criminal prosecution, put an experienced defense attorney on your side. Contact Callalily Law Office.

If you are on notice that a federal investigation or grand jury proceeding against you is under way in Florida