Fraud Against the Government

With decades of experience in the prosecution of fraud cases involving false or overstated claims for payment under government contracts and programs, North Florida criminal defense attorney Calla has the experience necessary to prepare and present an effective defense against even the most complex fraud charges. To put this experience to work on your behalf, contact his office in Jacksonville.

Attorney Calla is an AV Preeminent Rated* criminal trial lawyer who handles cases ranging from tax fraud on behalf of individuals to multimillion-dollar contract claims on behalf of corporations, small businesses, and executives. In many government fraud cases, the key issues of fact will involve the defendant’s state of mind—did the underreported income or overstated claim reflect an actual intention to defraud the state or federal government, or did it instead reflect poor recordkeeping or inadequate staff supervision? His experience in estimating and bearing the government’s burden of proof in fraud cases can work to the benefit of large and small defendants alike.

Among the government fraud cases with which a criminal defense lawyer can help you are the following, whether in state or federal court:

  • Tax fraud, including failure to file, failure to report income, or overstated deductions or credits
  • Fraud in defense contracts, disaster relief, or supplier and vendor contracts with any government agency
  • Health care fraud, Medicaid fraud, or Medicare fraud
  • Misuse of federal TARP funds and other government stimulus money
  • Misstated inventories of drugs, weapons, or any other federally regulated materials or substances, such as pharmacists’ supplies

In federal cases, criminal defense attorney Calla can represent you at trial, on appeal, or even prior to the indictment if you become aware of a federal investigation against you or your business.