Federal Investigations

In some criminal cases, especially at the federal level, a person or business will receive advance notice of serious legal problems leading to indictment and prosecution. This can occur during complex federal investigations involving fraud against the government or other financial offenses. You might be approached by federal law enforcement agents for an interview, or you might receive a subpoena to produce documents or testify before a grand jury.

The investigation period prior to indictment presents enormous risks for persons of interest to a federal prosecutor or law enforcement agency, no matter what the charge. If by any means you become aware of a federal investigation pending against you, contact the Jacksonville office of criminal defense attorney Calla.

The intervention of a skilled defense lawyer before charges are filed against you can achieve a great deal to protect your interests. Attorney Calla will advise you about the best way to confront the investigation. It is one thing to be a witness before a grand jury, and quite another to be the target of a federal investigation. Depending on where the investigation leads, a person’s status can change for the better or for the worse while the grand jury sifts through the evidence and considers the potential charges.

Attorney Calla’s job is to do everything possible to change your prospects for the better. Although neither he nor any other defence lawyer can accompany you to a federal grand jury room, he can monitor the grand jury proceedings, debrief other witnesses, engage with the prosecution, or even mount a parallel investigation designed to offer you the maximum protection available. Perhaps most important, he can help you avoid the mistakes that many people often make through fear of the unknown—mistakes that lead to easily avoidable indictments on charges such as obstruction of justice or perjury.

As a former chief federal prosecutor, attorney Calla has an excellent understanding of the federal investigation process and how cases are developed against defendants. The role of the grand jury is to consider the evidence and decide whether particular charges are to be brought in the form of an indictment. Vigorous advocacy prior to indictment can influence the prosecution to turn its attention elsewhere.

While the standard tactics available to a skilled defence attorney can apply to any matter up for indictment, including drug conspiracy cases or Internet sex offences, they are most commonly applied in cases involving financial crimes, fraud, or offences by businesses and corporations. If you are on notice that a federal investigation or grand jury proceeding against you is underway in Florida, contact the Jacksonville office of AV Preeminent Rated* defense attorney Calla.

The Grand Jury : The role of the grand jury is to decide whether there is enough evidence to indict someone and what charges will be. If you’ve been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury, you need legal representation. Even if you are not the target of a federal investigation, it is still important to have legal counsel to ensure you do not unintentionally incriminate yourself by your testimony. If you are the target of the investigation, vigorous legal advocacy may influence the prosecution to turn its attention elsewhere.