Drug Trafficking

If you are facing serious state or federal drug charges involving possession, distribution, trafficking, or conspiracy, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the Callalily Law Office. As a longtime former federal prosecutor assigned to complex criminal cases, attorney Calla has a wealth of experience and insight into the challenges of investigating and proving serious drug offenses. Today he uses this experience to spot the weaknesses in the government’s case on behalf of his criminal defense clients.

AV Preeminent Rated* criminal trial attorney Calla represents persons facing such charges as the following:

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, methamphetamine (crystal meth), heroin, or unauthorized prescription drugs and controlled substances
  • Distribution or trafficking of illegal drugs of any kind
  • Interstate or international transportation of drugs
  • Conspiracy to distribute, import, or manufacture drugs

Attorney Calla’s long experience as an attorney with the U.S. Justice Department helps him represent clients charged with drug possession or trafficking. He has a good sense for the strength of the government’s case against you from indictment to the closing arguments at trial. As your defense counsel, he can skillfully assert your constitutional rights relating to search and seizure, the execution of a search warrant, or the reliability of a confidential informant’s report in support of the warrant affidavit.

You can also count on Callalily Law Office to represent your interests in the civil or criminal forfeiture action that will often accompany large-scale drug cases. If the state or federal government seizes your car, truck, boat, or other assets in a forfeiture action, he can work with you and the prosecution to secure the return of as much of your property as possible. He also represents persons facing money laundering charges related to the alleged proceeds of drug trafficking.

The greater the quantity of drugs involved in your case, the more you stand to benefit from the advice of an experienced lawyer who has seen both sides of state and federal drug prosecution. For professional defense against serious drug charges at trial or on appeal, contact Callalily Law Office. He represents federal and state drug defendants throughout Florida.