Drug Manufacturing & Distribution

High-level drug cases involving manufacturing or drug distribution in large quantities and/or across state lines typically involves both state and federal law enforcement agencies. When charges are made, the prosecutor typically chooses to bring the charges in the court that will impose the harshest penalties —most often federal court.

Some drug crime charges in federal court carry mandatory minimum sentences; judges cannot deviate from the statutory penalties imposed by Congress.

Callalily Law Office is well positioned to defend clients accused of high-level drug crimes in north Florida and South Georgia. A former federal prosecutor assigned to complex criminal cases, we have a wealth of experience and insight into how police investigate and prosecutors prosecute such cases.

Although considerable law enforcement resources are involved in high-level drug cases, there may still be weaknesses in the government’s case. Attorney Calla’s thousands of hours of courtroom experience provides the background that permits him to analyze the government’s case and ensures any weakness is brought to light. Attorney Calla’s meticulous examination forces the prosecution to prove every point of their case beyond reasonable doubt; if the government fails, the defendant is set free.

If you are facing criminal charges for drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, distribution of illegal or legal prescription drugs, contact Callalily Law Office.

The Law Office defends clients facing charges

  • Large-scale growing operations or manufacturing labs
  • Conspiracy to distribute, import, or manufacture illegal drugs
  • Illegal distribution of prescription drugs (including interstate and international online pharmacy operations)

As your defense counsel, attorney Calla zealously asserts your constitutional right to be free of unlawful search and seizure, and unlawful forfeiture of your property. If your property has been seized by the state, he will work to secure its return.

The greater the quantity of drugs involved in your case, the more essential it is to have consul from an experienced lawyer.